STREET CLOSURE DATES: 10/17 – 10/19 

If you remember last year, artists painted 52 turtles on the street to test two different epoxy sealants and neither one of them withstood the amount of traffic and weather that this congested area of town sees in the course of a few fall months. The pilot taught us that we need more permanent materials, so Smokebrush Foundation artists led by Manuel Pulido and Kat Tudor are partnering with the City of Manitou to create works of art in each El Paso Blvd. crosswalk from City Hall to Old Man’s Trail at Manitou Avenue. The advanced materials they’re using aren’t volunteer-friendly, but you’re welcome to come watch and cheer them on or sign up to volunteer with artists K8e Orr and Joel Newmiller to paint “The Dance of TAVA” at our transit hub here.