You may have noticed that some of our permanent public art sculptures have been showing wear and tear after many years of service to the community. “Peeps” and other works that have been installed as part of our Art on the Avenue program have been getting hugs from school kids and visitors in every kind of weather for years. We are also repairing “Man in Z Moon” and “Twisted Figure.” We’ve been tracking the repair status of those pieces and wrote a Manitou Arts, Culture and Heritage (MACH) grant to help fund a portion of the repairs. However, we have $2500 more in repairs still needed and we ask for your help.

Can you help us fund repairs and maintenance for some of ManitouSprings?

Public art is free to everyone to experience year-round! If you love public art on the streets of Manitou Springs, your support will go a long way toward keeping our installations looking great and ready for more years of service.