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UPDATE: Manitou Arts Culture & Heritage Grant Application Info Session Resources

Becca Sickbert, executive director of Creative Alliance Manitou Springs (CRANE), facilitated  the sessions with hybrid access — in person at the CRANE office and online via Zoom.  To access the grant application, visit the MACH Board’s landing page here.

To access the presentation deck, tap the large button above or click here to download a PDF.

  • Part 1 presents a brief overview of MACH history, funds available, where to access Plan Manitou, and what successful applications should include.
  • Part 2 begins at 16:00 and addresses what’s new this year with key guidance on how to create an account (hint: email account required and check your spam or junk folder).
  • You’ll also find some budget creation and entry basics, plus helpful tips for saving and completing your application.

If you’re planning a MACH-funded public art project for 2023, please contact CRANE for assistance no later than December 15.

More useful links:

  1. MACH Board landing page on the City of Manitou Spring’s website
  2. MACH Application Rubric
  3. Plan Manitou (adopted 2017)
  4. Appendix A (Long-Term Actions including Arts & Culture)